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An Ode to Norway

I know. Alright already with the grand vista shots.

But I have to. This is an ode to my little adopted homeland. On the eve of our departure I can squarely say that I will actually miss Norway (I can hear my friends’ eyes rolling all over the world).

You see, my brother and his girlfriend came to visit and they wanted to see Norway. We are not in the habit of seeing much of Norway. In fact, we have made it our mission to flee Norway whenever we could during the past few years. (It was not without very, very good reason, though.) It’s just that though we’ve had vacation time in abundance, we have had our hearts pulled at from a different part of the globe.

Having Micah and Haoxin here put me in the unanticipated position of seeing, perhaps more clearly than I ever have before, a side of Norway that I had been more than happy to ignore. Micah is, in general, an enthusiast. But for some reason it still came as a surprise to me how much he liked it here. (It wasn’t just the fjords and the scenery and the coffee though. It was life in general) His enthusiasm was ever so slightly contagious, I dare say. To be able to see Norway through his eyes (albeit eyes that have not been through a single winter here) was the best possible note on which to leave.

So thanks, Micah and Haoxin, for choosing to spend your vacation time with us here. Those were two productive weeks.

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